Cozy Balcony Corner - Set of Terracotta Stand, Terrarium & Plants


Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

 Description : 
Create your own Cosy Balcony Corner with this well thought of set from myBageecha. This set includes a Terracotta Elephant Stand, Dancing Llama Terrarium Kit, Bird Feeder DIY Kit, Fountain Palm, Calathea Stromata & Song of India.
myBageecha recommends to keep the 3 plants - Song of India, Fountain Palm & Calathea Stromata in one corner of your balcony. Keep the Terracotta Elephant Stand in between or in front of those plants with the terrarium on top of it. You can further use the Bird Feeder DIY kit to hang from your balcony to attract birds to your home. It is a complete solution to your beautiful home.

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