Diwali Green Combo Gift Pack






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Green Combo Gift Pack

Green Combo Gift Pack

Gift your loved ones  - The Plantable Diya Kit that will remain in their heart and mind for a long time.

The plantable Diya, has seeds embedded in it, can be nurtured and grown after it's usage-these diyas are specially curated by the women in the Self Reliance Department of Dakshini Prayash, a non-profit organization promoting Education, Health & Self Reliance in the Madurdaha community of West Bengal.

This Kit is a wonderful eco friendly gift for your loved ones especially during this festive season.

The Kit contains :

  • A hand painted diya embedded with seeds
  • A Jute Growbag, along with cocopeat to turn the diya into a beautiful plant
  • Extra Microgreen Radish Seeds
  • An instruction manual to guide you on the process
    Step 1: In a container, add 1 litre water to the oganic soil cake. The cake will soften and turn into soil, pour out excess water

    Step 2: Fill the jute pot with soil and plant the Diya in 1cm from the top

    Step 3 - make sure to keep it in a sunny spot and water regularly for the embedded seeds to grow

    Step 4: In 7 - 10 days, watch your Diya grow into a beautiful plant.

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