AbdA® DRIP-Plant Vitalizer


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  • A proprietary product containing amino acids, micro-elements and alkaloids derived from plant origin - all 3 in the most appropriate ratio beneficial for plant growth.
  • Helps in improving the micro flora of the soil thereby facilitating the assimilation of nutrients
  • Improves absorption and transportation of micronutrient inside the plant
  • Increases chlorophyll concentration in the plant leading to higher degree of photosynthesis and makes crops lush green
  • Activates phytohormones and growth substances, which increases the number of roots & shoots
  • Progresses fecundation and increases fruits, pods and seeds development
  • Strengthen plant defense mechanism to fight against insect-pest & pathogens
  • Eventually AbdA® DRIP usage increases returns and improves cost benefit ratio
  • 2 ml / Lt
Time of Application
  • Apply during early vegetative & reproductive growth stage

Method of Application
  • Prepare stock solution by adding desired quantity of AbdA® DRIP in 10-15 l of water
  • Add this stock solution to the fertigation tank / ventury
  • Ensure stock solution is prepared just before application - not to be mixed and kept for too long.
  • Run the drip initially for 15-20 minutes prior to adding the AbdA® DRIP stock solution.
  • The drip should be run for 10 minutes post AbdA® DRIP application, as well.
For Best results
  • Repeat application on need base at an interval of 1-2 months

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