AbdA® Foliar - Plant Vitalizer


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AbdA® Foliar

A proprietary product specially designed for foliar application, containing alkaloids, micro-elements and amino acids, derived from plant origin – all blended in the most appropriate ratio beneficial for plant growth. Absorbed quickly & efficiently by the leaves.Being natural integrates easily with plant’s metabolism. Improves absorption and transportation of micronutrient inside the plant. Increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant leading to higher degree of photosynthesis and makes crops lush green.Activates phytohormones and growth substances, which increases the number of roots & shoots. Progresses fecundation and increases fruit, pods and seeds development. Strengthen plant defense mechanism to fight from insect-pest & pathogens.Eventually AbdA® Foliar usage increases returns & Benefit cost ratio

 Method of Application:

  • Desired quantity of AbdA® Foliar is to be mixed in 1-2 l of water & then added to spray tank
  • Stock solution to be prepared just before application
  • Don’t mix & keep it, for too long in Spray tank before application
  • Ensure through coverage of crop foliage for best results


  • 2 ml / l of water

Time of Application:

  • Apply during early vegetative & reproductive growth stage
For Best results:
  • Repeat application on need base at an interval of 2-3 weeks 

Approved organic product by IMO-Switzerland

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