Adenium Arabicum Godji+Ara champion (F1) Plant


Caudex: 3"-3.5"
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Non Fragrant



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With Pots

Outdoor Shade,Outdoor Sun

Sunlight Requirement

Twice A Week

Water Requirement

Balcony,Gifting,Low Maintenance


Product Description


Adenium Arabicum  ​Godji​+Ara champion (F1)​




Saudi Arabia & Yemen


Adenium arabicum ia a remarkable succulent plant with a grotesquely swollen trunk which resembles a miniature baobab tree. It is a local or morphological form of Adenium obesum, but commonly used to be known as a separate species and very popular with 'fat plant' collectors. Adenium arabicum is similar in appearance to Adenium obesum, but creates a massive, more squat and fat caudex without much differentiation between trunk and branches and is the most succulent and "desert like" species. The fleshy trunks and short naked branches are also somewhat more coloured in purple to dark brown. It also has larger thick fleshy leaves shiny on the upper and lower surface, unlike Adenium obesum and is an extremely drought tolerant plant. Flowers, similar in many ways to those of Frangipani, range from pink to red and sparkles when sunlight shines on them.


Adeniums do not like both over-watering and drying-out. They like a neutral to hard water. Acidic water tends to sour the soil too fast and may cause root rot. A small pot with excellent drainage is a must.

Water plants preferably in the early morning, and allow them to drink up throughout the day. Watering can be done daily to every few days. Never allow your plants to sit in a saucer of water, neither allow them to dry out too often - this causes adeniums to go into early dormancy. Add stones to the pot s bottom to ensure comparatively better drainage.


Adeniums, also known as Bangkok kalachuchi , plants require bright sunlight for proper development. If they are growing in cloudy locations, they become spindly and develop less vibrant blooms. Some species can withstand 30-50% shade and the sun can burn their foliage.

Potting Mix

A mix of course sand, coco-peat amended with perlite (3 parts mix to 1 part perlite) is adequate under most conditions to improve aeration and drainage


To make your plant develop a large swollen base/ trunk, you need a good quality fertilizer. Fertilizer requirement for swelling up trunks is also used to increase flowering. It shouldn't be too high in nitrogen, the middle number should be the highest. Never apply fertilizer directly on roots and do not liquid feed when a plant is thirsty: always water first slightly to avoid root burn and leaf drop.

Landscape Uses

Bosai, Container Plant


Adeniums are one of the easiest to grow and most rewarding of the fat plants (caudiciforms). Their adaptability to a broad range of conditions makes them forgiving of less than ideal care. This attribute enables just about anyone to grow and bloom them despite individual climate.

Adeniums need bright sunlight to have a robust growth. Water adeniums in the early mornings and give them the entire day to soak it in. Watering can be once in a few days. Adeniums do not like both over-watering and complete drying out. Add Pebbles or Stones in the pot€™s bottom to ensure good drainage. Never let water stagnate on top of the soil layer as this can cause excessive water getting soaked in the stem. Use fertiliser once a month for getting a fatter trunk and increase in flowering.

Pruning time for adeniums is in the summer, where they can heal quickly from the wounds. Pruning is mainly to give adenium a proper shape or to turn it into a Bonsai.

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