Anacampseros telephiastrum Sunrise Succulent Plant


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Outdoor Shade,Outdoor Sun

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Twice A Week

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Low Maintenance,Window Ledge


Product Description

Anacampseros rufescens is a small, perennial succulent plant with olive green, narrow, pointed leaves arranged in a spiraling rosette. Anacampseros grow well in partial sun with bright light enhancing the leaf colours and keeping them compact.

Anacampseros telephiastrum 'Variegata'




South Africa


Anacampseros rufescens Sunrise is a variegated form of the Rufescens plant. The tiny 3 to 4 inches( 7.5cm) star-shaped rosette is nothing lesser than an eye-candy.

The leaves are green from the top. Bright light makes them get different shades of yellow, purple and pink.It has five, broad petals surrounding a cluster of stamens, held singly or in groups on fleshy stems of about 15 cm in length.

As the plant matures and produces more rosettes, it spreads outwards to form a small mat and develops a thick caudex-like base from which smaller roots serve to anchor it into the soil. Flowers are pink & upto 1.4" in diameter & appears in summers


Anacampseros grow well in partial sun with bright light enhancing the leaf colours and keeping them compact. They require a gritty free-draining soil with added organic material and low to moderate watering. The beautiful caudiciform species are prone to rot and should be watered very sparingly.

Landscape Use

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping


Most succulents need to be watered twice a week during summers and only once in monsoon & winters. Varieties like Haworthias, Crassulas and Gasterias are well suited for low-light indoors and window-sills. If the leaves get too bulky, it is a sign of overwatering & if the leaves look shrivelled it is a sign of less watering.

As a general rule of thumb, all the ones with colourful leaves like Echeverias, Sedeveria and Graptopetalum like bright sunlight and semi shade in extreme summers. They cannot be kept indoors or in full shade. All succulents love morning sun.

You can fertilise your succulent once a month.

Watering tips : Make sure NOT to water on the plant itself. Water directly in the soil. You can use a cup or a glass to make sure the water does not spray on leaves. When watering, make sure water comes out of the drainage hole.

You can check our video on how to water succulents on :

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