Blue Vision

SKU: NG-BV-200
Width: 200 cm
Unit: 10 Sq Ft


Brown & Green




Plastic & Stone



Product Description

Using soft, multi-toned fibres but with an 20 mm pile height makes Green Bliss an ideal product for roof gardens, play areas, terraces as well as lawns.


Using soft, multi-toned fibres but with an 28 mm pile height makes Blue Vision an ideal product for roof gardens, play areas, terraces as well as lawns. 

Available in 2m and 4m roll widths, cut to any length. It is a guaranteed product, made in Belgium, with  8 years warranty.


  • Anchorage of the Pile : the stitches are completely covered with latex ( Tuftlock System), giving higher lifetime against friction and eventually baldness. Also it gives good anchorage of the Pile to the latex at 30 Newton.
  • UV stability : it is a UV stabilized product against UVA and UVB, preventing Fading and avoiding grass bristles to crack ( uv rays causes plastic to become Brittle). For terrace projects it becomes extremely important to have a UV stabilized product to keep the colors as vivid and live as on the first day. 
  •  It is a green product, Registered product with Indian Green Building Council ( IGBC) in terrace garden.


Applications Gardens, Terraces, Trade Fairs, Hotels, etc....
Fibres 100% Polyethylene/ UV-Stabilized/ Monofilament
Straight & Curled
4 colours
Gauge 5/16”
# stitches/ lm ca. 100/ lm
# tufts/ m² ca. 12.600 /m²
# filaments/ m² ca. 352.800
Pile height ca. 28 mm
Pile weight ca. 1150 gr /m²
Total height ca. 30 mm
Total weight ca. 2305 gr /m²
Tuft cloth Polypropylene, UV-Stabilized, ca. 155 gr /m²
Backing Latex, ca. 1000 gr /m²
Infill No infill
Roll width 200 or 400 cm
Colour Green
Colour Fastness Scale 7 (DIN 54004)
UV-Stability > 3000 hours UV-A
Water permeability 180 mm/h
Pile anchorage > 30 N
Chlore resistance 4-5 (DIN 54019)
Resistance to sea water 4-5 (DIN 54007)
  •  Installation Not Included


The plastic artefacts are light weight and extremely sturdy. You should try to dust them daily or on alternate days to make sure dust does not settle on top of it. You can use soap and water to wash it once a month to keep its shine intact.

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