Bodhi Wall Décor - Combo


Type: Decor

Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

       Here is something that will light up your space and your life, and is ready to hang – The Bodhi Wall Decor. It has everything that can turn a dull and a monotonous work space into one that is interesting, charged-up and fun. It is designed with the ability to capture the calm power of spirituality in its own. A visual, yet powerful reminder, perhaps, to keep your mind and heart open in all actions and express yourself from the inner space of your heart. Add infinite energy and oomph to your office, home, spa or yoga studio with this exquisitely designed wall decor. Available in three color combinations, this stunning Baby Buddha wall decorative never fails to bring a smile; the colors work magically together, and have an instant inspiriting effect.
Features: Handcrafted, Light weight, Weather resistant, Corrosion free
Material - Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Finish - Stone
l × w × h = 49 cm × 39 cm × 17 cm
Weight -  3 Kg

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