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Bulbophyllum orchids, also known as “Bulbos,” are the largest genus of orchids with more than 2000 species. They are named after their bulbous leaves and are known for having an incredible range of flower shapes and colours.







Bulbophyllum are considered to be the largest group of orchids.The plants are typically small to medium (although some have leaves up to a meter long) creeping epiphytes, having a sympodial growth habit with prominent pseudobulbs, with one or two fleshy leaves. There is a wide range of fantastic flower shapes and sizes (2 mm to 400 mm). All have a hinged lip that aids in pollination. The flowers are usually short lived (5-7 days) and are occasionally fragrant (while the fragrance can be pleasant it is often quite foul)

Bulbophyllum Supat Worawongwasu is a hybrid between Bulbophyllum mastersianum and Loherianum. It produces red-splashed yellow-colored flowers with a beautiful texture.


Bulbophyllum species are warm growing and should see a winter temperature of no less than 18C at night.

The Bulbophyllum  orchids like intermidiate light which is less then cattleya & more then Phalaenopsis and will not flower without plenty of light. Moderate to bright light. Higher light, that does not damage the leaves, seems to result in better and more frequent blooming.

Humidity should be kept at 60%, which can be difficult to do outside of the greenhouse. Water frequently, as both mounted (at least daily) and potted plants (several times a week) will thrive under wetter conditions than most orchids. Bulbophyllum may be the exception to the rule "when in doubt, don't water". Species from more temperate regions often have a dry period, and watering should be adjusted accordingly.

Potting & Media

The recommended potting media are sphagnum moss, bark with perlite, coir (coconut chips or fibers) and tree fern. The best way to grow Bulbophyllum is in open baskets with no substrate. To start with, weave the roots through the basket slots and wire the stem base in place with plant wire


Use a balanced (such as 20-20-20) fertilizer applied full strength once a week during warm weather or use a one-quarter-strength solution at every watering. During cool or cloudy weather, apply fertilizer once every two to four weeks. Use a high-phosphorus fertilizer (such as 10-30-20) every third application to promote flowering. Remember; never fertilize an orchid that is completely dry, because this can cause major damage to the roots. Always water orchid very thoroughly once a month   so that the excess fertilizer build-up can be removed.

Landscape Use

Makes excellent hanging plants from tress or baskets.

Also see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJWc3ZLWkgo


Orchids needs bright light and can be grown in any fine-textured orchid mix. They can tolerate wide range of temperatures and are able to stand temperatures in the 100º range without suffering. <br/>

Orchids should be watered regularly and abundantly. As a rule of thumb, you will want to water more frequently (approximately every 4-5 days) during the warmer months and less frequently (once a week) in the cooler months. During the growing season they require plenty of water and fresh air. Don't let the plants completely dry between watering.

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