Coco Conical Liner with hanger


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Coco Conical Liner


Conical Liner are made from coir fibre blended with natural rubber which makes them very flexible & have high strength. Conical liners comes with unique design and  can be used with both artificial & natural hanging flowering & foliage plants to give homes and offices an elegant look. 

Just Grow Coco Conical Liner are 100% biodegradable and transforms into organic matter on decomposing. 

When plants are grown in Coco liners the roots penetrate the pot walls. Contact with the air stops the roots from growing, root buds start to appear and secondary roots start to develop throughout the pot. This phenomenon is known as “aerial root pruning”.

  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Absorbs water better
  • Pots add texture to the soil as they degrade
  • Plants grown in these baskets benefit from air pruning
  • Moderates moisture and increase microbial activity
  • Plants grow faster and healthily in coir baskets.
  • Can also be added to the compost heap as a valuable source of carbon (brown material)

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