Crassula Perforata


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Eastern Cape, South Africa


Jade plants need full sun to develop their full coloration. Water sparingly or abundantly. Reduce water in the winter 


Crassula perforata is a spectacular slow growing cultivar close in appearance to the common jade plant but with green leaves .  It is a many-branching succulent shrub with a stout trunk up to 120-180 cm tall. It bears pale-green, obovate pointed leaves . Leaves are often tipped with a pink margin on the new growth and when grown in the sun. 

Given proper conditions, the Crassula will flower with small pink or white, star-shaped in apical clusters 5 to 7 cm across within the foliage in the late winter, making an attractive and mildly fragrant display.

Landscape Use 

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping

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