Crinum Amoenum


Type: Plants

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Red Crinum Lily




Asia & Africa


The Crinum Lily is a spectacularly huge lily. It grows rapidly to over 5' high with 5' long sword to strap shaped leaves. They’re exotic, fragrant, and exciting “bell shaped” flowers, that come with a lovely scent and are related to the Amaryllis plant.

Crinum bulbs are much larger than bulbs of its relative the Amaryllis (amaryllidaceae). Roundish, with a long tapering necks, bulbs of a crinum can be 12-16 inches in length.

Generally, the leaves are thin and long with “silky” feel to them and some varieties having edges which are wavy.

The flowers are unique and beautiful, but even with the flowers the crinum is a handsome decorative plant which can get very large.


They perform best in full sun (but not burning sun, partial shade from the extreme heat of the sun) so give them all they can get, and a well-draining soil. 

Landscape Use

They make wonderful specimens and very attractive pool plants for landscaping by a pool.

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