Economic Smackers for Budgie-ZVP 2156

Type: Birdie

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Economic Smackers for Budgie


  • A perfect dietary supplement which contains dried vegetables full of minerals and vitamins.
  • Grain flask with anise and sunflower seed ensure your budgie hour classes mimicking the natural way of acquiring food.
  • Rich in seeds and grains.
  • Contains fiber for better intestinal peristalsis
  • Contains fruits rich with vitamin C.
  • Contains some tasty pellet.
  • Stimulates active food acquisition, similar to natural way.


  • Weight – 60 gms
  • Suitable for – Budgerigar
  • Ingredients- . Yellow millet, white millet, red millet, canary grass seed, millet groats, oat groats, black sunflower seed, flax seed, white sunflower seed, corn flour, alfalfa meal, anise powder, carotene and wheat flour.
Storage – Store in a cool dry place

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