ECOSAFE-Super Absorbent Polymer


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ECOSAFE is ideal for enhancing soil matrix, with the unavailability of water and nutrients to the plant for a longer time, resulting in stronger and healthier plant growth even under hot and dry climatic conditions.

ECO-SAFE is a super-absorbent polymer specifically engineered for absorption and retention of fluids. It is an in-soluble, cross-linked polymer, shipped as a white, granular product in its dry form. Upon contact with water (fluids), a gel is formed. The resulting gel, with excellent mechanical stability, retains water (fluids) well (upto 200% of it's weight), even under stress, since the absorption is based on a physical-chemical process. 


Potted Plant: ECOSAFE is ideal for working individuals as it reduces maintenance of plants by retaining moisture and nutrients in the soil. 

Lawn and golf course: Application in golf and lawn can save upto 30% - 70% in water & fertlizer with reduced cost of maintenance. Lawn grows faster, healthier and the green long laster, Less pollution caused by the loss of fertilizers.

Trees: For adult deciduous fruit trees, put the ECOSAFE with organic fertilizer, taken with a ring groove or furrow in the root area. The dosage is up to on the soil condition. Tree size and the ditching situation should generally be 0.3% of the backfill soil and fertilizer.

  • Nursery Plants: 2 to 5 gms mixed in the soil near the root zone.
  • Potted Plants: 3 to 6 gms mixed in the soil near the root zone
  • Horticulture: 3 to 6 gms mixed in the soil near the root zone.
  • Lawns / Golf course: 5 to 8 gms per sq.metre.

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