Fire On A Hill Terrarium Kit


Type: Decor

Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

Fire On A Hill Terrarium Kit

Description :

An urban green solution if there ever was one, The fire on a hill is sure to give your home decor a fiery vibrancy! Coming with a campfire, this terrarium is a design of passion. Use your artistic skills to turn this DIY Kit into the terrarium you dreamt of! Make it a centre of attraction in your home and watch your guests go green with envy. Living in urban flats is no long an excuse. Go Green.

  • Terrarium Glass Size in Inches (L x W x H) : 8 x 8 x 11
  • 1 Succulent Plant
  • Set of 6 Kota Stones
  • White Pebbles
  • Set of 4 decorative miniatures
  • White Moss
  • Magic Soil Mixture
  • Activated Coconut Charcoal
  • Gemstones
Maintenance :
  • Needs indirect sunlight
  • Water once the moss is completely dry. Preferable twice in a week.
  • Use a spray bottle to water. Spray in limited quantity
  • Change the charcoal once in 1 year to keep it pest/bug free.

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