Frilly Flower Keepsakes Necklace


Type: Decor

Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

Description :

Getting her some flowers on your date?
Try real flower keepsakes that she can keep forever instead of those that will wilt and dry.

Queen Anne’s Lace, Bird’s Nest, Frilly white flower etc are all different names of Daucus carota. These are flowers of a wild carrot plant that blooms as a spread of intricate lace which is a treat to the eyes.

This pretty keepsake is made with real dried wild carrot flowers.

Pair them with bold prints/ mono coloured dresses and make eyes turn.

Specifications : 

Locket size – 2.6 cm (diameter), 1.5 cm (thickness)

Chain length – 70 cm (long

Material – Circular locket with metal rim (silver colour), metal chain (silver colour), Dried flowers

P.S: Each piece is made by hand so each locket turns out unique and may slightly differ from one represented on photos.

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