Jain DripKit 30m² for Micro Irrigation


Shipping : 7-10 Business Days


Jain DripKit is tailor-made gravity fed irrigation system. The system is designed to suit the harsh field conditions. The system components are so selected that they fulfil the functional requirements. This kit is has clog resistant Chapin Dripline with slit outlet.

  • Fresh and Nutritious source of your own vegetable: Jain Drip Kit helps you to grow your own vegetable in your home garden.
  • Stay away from pesticides: With Jain Drip Kit you can grow pesticide free fresh vegetables. There is less chance of pest attack as vegetables are grown in isolation and not in large area like farms.
  • Economical: Jain Drip Kit gives you opportunity to grow vegetable / flowers round the year at much less investment than to purchase them from outside.
  • Portable: Jain Drip Kit is easy to install and shift from one place to other.

 Available in six models: 30m2, 100 m2, 250m², 500m², 1000m² & 2000m²

 For buying above 30 m2, Please. contact us.

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