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Product Description

TCM pencils are made from recycled newspaper and recycled paper and tree-free.The pencils are of different colors and are colored using non-toxic edible colors. After usage, you can plant the pencils as per the instructions provided in our planting manual in the box.

Description :

TCM plantable eco-friendly pen-pencil combo box contains 3 plantable zero plastic body pens with recycled paper barrels and 3 plantable recycled paper pencils. All pencils have 2B extra dark lead and can be sharpened using a regular pencil sharpener. The pencils are of different colours and are coloured using non-toxic edible colours. The pens have 4 times less plastic than regular pens. All pens have hi-shine's low viscosity, blue coloured ink which has a 2-year shelf life. All pencils and pens have government approved seeds of different plants (with seed name on each pen and pencil) with specified expiry dates contained in a water-soluble seed capsule(mentioned on the box). After usage, you can plant the pencils, pens as per the planting instruction provided in the box. An initiative of using this pencil can save thousands of trees to be cut as it is made by using recycled paper. In addition, they are great gifts for friends, for your loved ones and for corporate giveaways. Also perfect as an office stationery item. Just imagine a small shift from conventional thought we can collectively make a great impact in saving a lot of trees and thus giving helping hand in saving out PLANET

Our pens and pencils are made out of recycled paper, thus are completely tree free! There is no care which is needed for them as such.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

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