Marvel Gold Marigolds


Type: Seeds

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Marigold African Marvel Gold

A truly marvellous marigold bearing huge, fully double, weather tolerant blooms up to 10cm (4") across! Tried and tested over a number of years, its even height makes it a great choice for bedding.

Marigold roots emit a substance that deters root nematodes, so these make fine companion plants for nematode-susceptible vegetables.

Marigolds will also attract beneficial insects that will snack on the insects that are feasting on your plants.  Beans, carrots, cabbages and tomatoes are just a few plants that benefit from having marigolds as a companion plant.


Select a location in full sun with good rich, moist, well drained organic soil. Heat tolerant but protect plant from excessive heat


Garden Bed, Containers, Borders

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