Type: LED Lights

Shipping : 21-25 Business Days

Mashaal -Opal Glass

Goldwyn LED lights helps in saving energy up to 80% in comparison to conventional lighting & on normal conditions offer 10 years of continuous operation without replacement of parts.The air conditioning load is greatly reduced with use of LED lights.

Led Light helps in photosynthesis which is required for growth of vegetables and flowers when grown in greenhouses  or indoors.

  • Opal glass satin finish
  • Wall bracket : Stainless
  • Mounting : Wall / Celling
  • Best in class power LEDs 
  • Body Color: Stainless steel
  • Diffuser Fixing : Bayonet lock
Size (mm)
 6W 81 x 120 x 280
12W 80 x 120 x 500

A product  designed by RZB, Germany



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