Mealycare - Plant Protection


Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

MEALYCARE is formulated from organic origin. It is a liquid concentrate which can be diluted with water and easily sprayed on the plants. It is a natural product so it is not harmful to environment. It stops the microbial activities of Mealy bug. It also controls the crawling activities. It prevents the mealy bug reproduction activity. It stops male mealy bug to sit and female mealy bug dies within 72 hrs. Other insects like aphids also control by its spray. This is a natural herbal product.

 MEALY CARE is act as Total Control Strategy. This can be applied in both seasons (winter and growing season). It is also reduces hibernating mealy bug populations to such an extent that natural enemies can control mealy bug effectively.

 Method of Uses

  • Use 4-5 ml / Ltr
  • Stir well and use.
  • Depending on the requirement concentrated dose can be use.
  • Early in the morning or late in the evening spray gives best results. If the attack of insects is more, then spraying can be done within 3 days interval then after weekly spray.


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