Oxygen Hydro Planter Pots


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Oxygen Hydro Planter Pots

Hydro series are self-watering planters. It allows the plants to draw water from an interior well source and its special indicator conveys us just when the water is finished .This allows for the plants to be nourished for up to few days giving roots continuous access to the exact amount of water they need resulting is healthier plants .We use 100% virgin ABS plastic material for our plastic planter. Our pots are light and durable.

Features of Hydro Series

  • Separate Inner Design: Hidden inner design can prevent water evaporation and keep good sanitation. Also you can refresh your planter conveniently.
  • Light and Durable: Green Sun Planter body inner are made with heat resisting ABS and high density Anti-UP PP
  • Water Level Indicator: The shaft design allows less compaction of the soil which caused by the pressure put on with top watering.
  • Stopper: With the unique inner design now you can clean up your planter without obstructing your plant

Process to use Hydro Series

  • Set up: First make sure the black and red stopper are firmly installed. (Remove red stopper for outdoor usage)
  • Put on Plant: Put a layer of soil on top of the foam stone and plant any type of green you like then carefully cover the root with soil again.
  • Initiation: Once the plant has settled in initiate hydro system by filling water according to the water level indicator.
  • Irrigation: Use top watering for the first 2 weeks depending on the type of plant.
  • Hydro System: After the first 2 weeks the root will grow into the foam stone. You can irrigate the plant by hydro system only. For larger plant it may take longer.


  • 18 x 18 x 31cm


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