XG 04 14

Type: Decor

Shipping : 21-25 Business Days


Goldwyn LED lights use efficient electronics drivers typically delivering a power factor of above 0.95. It helps in saving energy up to 80% in comparison to conventional lighting & on normal conditions offer 10 years of continuous operation without replacement of parts.

Paver is excellent for use on Concrete pavings, Driveways & Pathways

  • Mounting: Ground
  • Inbuilt power LED driver
  • Steel AISI 304 ring
  • Body colour: Stainless steel
  • Polyester painting with phosphocromating pre finish
  • Best in class power LEDs from reputed international companies
  • Clear tempered glass for static load load-bearing capacity of up to 5000kg
  • High efficiency lens (available in 10° / 30° / 45° Beam angle) for excellent
  • High corrosion resistant dis cast aluminium housing and polypropylene housing for recessing
 1 W ∅120 x H100
3 W ∅135 x H116
8 W  ∅190 x H110
12 W ∅1265 x H110


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