Potterhead Snitch Dandelion Seeds Necklace


Type: Decor

Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

Description :

Dandelion seeds are one of those nature's creations that take your breath away with their magical and mesmerizing appearance. Here is a perfect gift for every nature loving potter fan. The necklace has a pretty glass globe encasing the magical dandelion seeds and a pair of wizardry wings which looks so much like a snitch. The locket comes with a long bronze colored chain.

A piece of magic, a necklace that tells a story, a treasure that will keep your luck close. Perfect gift for that special one.

Specifications : 

Locket: 3cm Diameter
Chain: long 60 cm

Material- Glass, Dandelion seeds, Metal alloy in silver colour

Product Care: Avoid shower or swim with the necklace

P.S: Each piece is made by hand so each locket turns out unique and may slightly differ from one represented on photos.

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