PurÖSil_Siliceous Earth


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PurÖSil s processed siliceous earth mined from sedimentary layers deposited millions of years ago in a fresh water lake. It is light weight grains like in appearance, very porous and comprises siliceous fossils of plant algae. It consists primarily of amorphous silica, a highly beneficial nutrient for plants as it strengthens cell walls and leads to healthier, stronger and more robust plants Growth.

Purosil is used as a high performance soil amendment / conditioner to provide plant available silica and improve cation exchange capacity, improves porosity and drainage of soil and promote the health of the soil's root system. The addition of PurÖSil to soil helps to promote the healthy growth of living plants. The intricate pore structure of diatoms keeps the pores in the soil open and controls the water supply to the roots, holding and releasing moisture when required. The improved structure oxygenates the soil and helps break up heavy clay.


Creation of sport lawns in natural turf , Refurbishment, improvement of the sensitive areas (bad draining, shade areas or, inversely, too permeable soils) , green spaces (arboretums/ botanical gardens, trees,gardens), golf courses ,sports fields, roof /terrace gardens , green roof and other landscape projects by Landscape gardeners, green keepers and landscape architects

Mix Ratio

By Volume parts = 2:1:1 (Purosil : Compost : Gardening soil + fertilizer) or as recommended by expert

Typical Properties

  • Water Absorption @125%
  • Colour: White to light ivory
  • Acidity/Alkalinity (pH) : 6-7
  • 3 Density: 600 to 650 kg/m
  • Cation Exchange Capacity:
  • The measured capacity is 32cmol+/kg
  • which is higher than most soils.
  • Particle Size: 2-5 mm


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