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Scented Geranium €Citronella€™ is a large and robust plant reaching up to 90cm in height. It has an upright bushy, growth habit.It is easy to grow in full sun or partial shade.

Pelargonium citrosum




Tropical East Asia


Scented Geranium Citronella is a large and robust plant reaching up to 90cm in height. It has an upright bushy, growth habit. It is a tender perennial, plant and have deeply lobed, lacy leaves, and the eye-catching pink and magenta flowers alone make it worth growing. Citronella plant typically grows anywhere between 2 and 4 feet high.

A member of the geranium family, mosquito plant carries the fragrance of citronella in its foliage. Like many scented geraniums, you have only to brush against the leaves, or rub them gently between your fingers, to release their fragrance. When a leaf is crushed and rubbed on the skin, it smells wonderful and helps naturally repel mosquitoes.

Pelargoniums are usually suitable for culinary use, particularly the leaves and flowers. They may be used for herbal teas and to sweeten and scent desserts such as cakes and jelly.

The plant has uses in perfumery, aromatherapy and massage therapy apart from many medicinal application.


It is easy to grow in full sun or partial shade. These plants prefer at least six hours of sunlight every day but can also tolerate some partial shade. If the plant does not have enough light, it will stretch and fall over. Cut back long, lanky branches to bring it back into shape.

It is fairly drought-resistant, though it does appreciate regular watering while it is getting established. Moist soil will produce the best growth.

It rarely requires fertilizer. Pruning or pinching is recommended to encourage the new foliage to bush out.

Landscape Uses

Ideal for containers and hanging baskets . Also can be used as a border or one of several contrasting textures in a garden composition or a large mixed container.

Although each type of herb has its own growing requirements, most herbs are unfussy plants. They prefer full sun and prosper in good, moderately fertile soil. And most require that the soil be well-drained.

Water the plants everyday and keep the soil moist. Make sure excess water is drained out. Trim the plants in the summers to keep them in good shape. You can keep the herbs on a kitchen windowsill provided you are getting good sunlight there.

Potted herb plants are sensitive to sun and naturally grow towards the source of sunlight. They might start to lean after some time so make sure to rotate the pot in different direction.

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