Sensitive Food for Big Parrots-ZVP 2750

Type: Birdie

Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

Sensitive Food for Big Parrots


  • Composed mainly for animals with the digestive system problems.
  • For this one with demanding easily digestible food, subject to diarrhea as well as for sick, weakened or after diseases with pharmacological drugs and obese ones.
  • Based on easy to digest banana and apple and others, full of vitamins berry fruit like cranberry, blackthorn and hawthorn.


  • Weight - 300 gm
  • Suitable for – Big Parrots
  • Ingredients- White sorghum, red sorghum, dehydrated apple, mung bean, oat groats, hawthorn berry, bean flakes, hazelnut, dried banana, black- thorn berry, cranberry, dehydrated carrot, freeze-dried pea, macadamia nut, carrot flour, spinach, dried cucumber, rose petals, dandelion.
  • Storage – Store in a cool dry place.


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