SpreadmaX- The Ultimate Spreader


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A unique formulation containing natural ingredients, stabilizer and silicon based non-ionic surfactant . All-in-one bio-degradable adjuvant, spreader, synergist, penetrant, and rainfastener

Area of Application

  • Rapidly spreads on leaf surface providing wetting, sticking and rain fastening effects
  • Reduces surface tension and ensure better area coverage (spreadability), adherence and penetration
  • Enhances efficacy of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, PGRs and foliar fertilizers
  • Good spreading on leaf surface of crop health care products maximize efficacy and minimize pest and pathogen resistance tendencies
  • Increases cost benefit


  •  0. 25 – 0.50 ml / lt of water

 Method of Application:

  •  Use SpreadmaX at recommended doses with Insecticides, fungicides or hebicides or nutrients
  • Good Mixing is very essential for desired results

A Approved organic product by IMO-Switzerland

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