Taishan Orange Marigolds


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Marigold Taishan Orange

Taishan Orange Marigolds have huge tightly petaled blooms that are 3 inches or more across and grows 10″ to 12″ tall..These dwarf African marigolds have shorter peduncles (the part of the stem directly below the bloom) and thicker stems which make them sturdier.  Color is continuous because the secondary blooms come on even when the first blooms still look good. 

Marigold roots emit a substance that deters root nematodes, so these make fine companion plants for nematode-susceptible vegetables.

Marigolds will also attract beneficial insects that will snack on the insects that are feasting on your plants.  Beans, carrots, cabbages and tomatoes are just a few plants that benefit from having marigolds as a companion plant.


 Select a location in full sun with good rich, moist, well drained organic soil. Heat tolerant but protect plant from excessive heat


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