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10 Plants Perfect for Your Kitchen Garden

Make your kitchen more fun and your cooking experience more joyful by adding some greens. Every part of your home deserves a splash of green. Adding green corners to your kitchen makes the environment soothing and inviting. By gardening these plants your cooking experience becomes more enjoyable and by adding the plants you grew makes the dishes more exciting and tastier! But every kitchen differs in terms of windows, sunlight, sizing, and ventilation, no worries we got you covered! We will share all the easy to grow, low maintenance plants you can have in your kitchen. The only things you require are a lot of patience, perseverance, and determination. 


Coriander leaves
          1. Coriander leaves

 In any Indian Kitchen no dishes are finished without coriander, this delicate and refreshing plant is very easy to grow and with some care it can grow in abundance. Firstly, you need to soak coriander seeds in water overnight, and then drain the water completely and spread the seeds in a pot with some soil. Make sure to put the pot in good sunlight, and water the pot every alternate day until the seed start to germinate. Make sure to water the pot carefully when the plant is small and fragile. Gradually the plant will grow beautifully.


Mint Leaves

2. Mint Leaves

There is nothing is more refreshing than mint leaves. It is also one of the most used herbs in Indian kitchen. These plants usually grow from tender cuttings of stems that are planted in the soil, and once they begin to grow, they rapidly spread to the surface of the soil it has to access to. Mint plants grow well in moist and well-drained soil. Mint plant prefers to stay in the shade and like protection from the sun. Also, for the best growth in mint plants, make sure to fertilise it every few months.



Krishna Tulsi
3.Holy Basil / Krishna Tulsi

Tulsi is the most valued and respected plant in India. Tulsi is an excellent herb that has exceptionally good properties for both medicinal and ayurvedic purposes. It is very easy to grow with cuttings or with the seeds. It is also one of the low maintenance plants. It requires water regular and grows best with trimming every now and then.


Curry Leaves

4. Curry Leaves

A spice without which no daal is finished, a herb used mostly in South India, curry leaves have a delicious rustic peppery flavour that never fails to impress. It can grow by both out of cuttings and seeds. The plant requires zero maintenance in terms of watering as well as soil conditions or even fertilising. This plant performs quite well in a warm climate and need well-drained soil. It is a tough plant and does not get much pest attacks and can be cured by using neem oil.


Lemon Grass

 5. Lemon Grass

One of the most famous Thai herbs is Lemon grass, it is also adored by many continental countries. Also, the entire lemon grass plant can be used in various ways. It can also easily grow from the seeds by cutting or cultivation method. It is native to the tropical climate; thus, you need to protect it from the cold region. Lemongrass plant grows in daylight and does not require too much watering.




 6. Parsley

Originated in the Mediterranean region Parsley is a leafy herb. Most commonly used in European dishes, parsley is a stunning indoor herb that can perform well in brightly lit conditions. It requires a pot with good drainage hole, so water can pass easily. Make sure the soil is moist, but the roots don’t rot. Best way to grow this plant is by parsley seeds. This plant also requires organic fertiliser every 15 days.



Rosemary Plant

7. Rosemary Plant

Rosemary is a plant which does not require much maintenance, and can grow at good rate with minimal watering. If you are planning to grow this in your kitchen, make sure it is located in well lit area as it requires little more sunlight. Do not forget to rotate your plant every week or so as the whole plant needs at least 6 hours of sunlight. It is ideal to grow this plant in spring or summer.  



Garlic Plant

8. Garlic Plant

One of the most loved ingredients in any cuisine is Garlic. It grows two ways, one as a bulb with which we are all familiar with and the other way is like that of spring onions, where a pod is soiled in the pot. Although garlic may require a slightly bigger pot as it needs to placed at some distance, so that garlic can grow easily. Garlic is also beneficial in common cold, blood pressure and various other health conditions.



Chillie Plant

9. Chillie Plant

To complete any dish chilli is required, it brings out the spicy flavour beautifully and make the dish a burst of various flavours. The variety of colours of chillies such as red, green, yellow and black to varieties of flavours like fresno, tabasco, jalapeno all of these can be grown at home. This plant requires good amount of water and sunlight and are grown from the seeds directly. It is best for one’s immune system and get rid of any stomach related problems such as infections.



Sage plant

    10.Sage plant


A strong aromatic with a soothing woody aroma is mostly used in meat dishes, toppings, flavoured vinegar, and sauces. It can become a wonderful addition to your herb garden as this can easily grown in containers. This plant loves warm temperatures and can achieve a height of 24 - 36 inches. It grows well in medium to full sun, with moderate watering on a regular basis. Please ensure not to overwater the plant or leave it dry. It also has antioxidants which can be helpful in boosting oral health and brain function. 


Plant your favourite greens and enjoy home grown vegetables and herbs. We have listed only few of the home-grown plants, you can grow such a variety in your kitchen garden and indulge in some of the most delicious and delicate flavours of these veggies and herbs! mybageecha has a wide range of plants, seeds and bulbs for the most delightful gardening experience.

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