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About Succulents :

The trendiest home décor in recent times, succulents pack a punch as far as plants go - they are unbelievably beautiful - coming in more colors than a rainbow and are extremely hardy and low maintenance - owing to their origin in deserts and dry places.

Hang them from a ceiling or a vertical garden, put them in birdcages or on crystal, or wear them around your neck  - they are literally a genie in a bottle!

Most succulents need to be watered twice a week during summers and only once in winters. Varieties like haworthias, aloes and gasterias are well suited for low-light indoors and window-sills. The ones with colorful leaves like echeverias, crassula and graptopetalum like bright sunlight and semi shade in extreme summers.  

myBageecha boasts of the widest range of exotic succulents in India. They can be put both indoors or outdoors and do well in commercial spaces also. We recommend displaying them in beautiful globe or geometrical terrariums. Choose the shape you like - rock like (sedum), flat (echeverias), stick like (euphorbia) or tall and elegant (Aeonium) - there is one for every desire.