3 main points to keep in mind while purchasing a planter

July 15, 2019

3 main points to keep in mind while purchasing a planter

A person who has recently stepped into plant hood may find it very hard to get his hands on a good planter; but actually, it is not that tough a task. The first question that will come in his mind is 'When will I need a planter?'

It is an elementary question with a straightforward answer; whenever the plant outgrows itself in the pot, it requires a planter. A planter is nothing but a bigger bowl with larger diameter giving the plant more space to spread itself. The process of repotting the plant may get dirty at times, but one should not hesitate to get his hands dirty when he is interested in gardening. Repotting to be fair is not at all funny or enjoyable rather it’s quite dirty but gives your plant a new lease of life. When we buy a plant sample from the market, it generally comes in a small pot or some cases in plastic bags. Plastic can never be suitable for any living things making it even more critical to repot them in a bigger space.

When we transfer the plant to a bigger space, the plant gets a fresher soil containing more nutrients and minerals which helps in the growth of the organism. Now, repotting is often referred to changing the soil, but eventually, every plant requires a bigger space to grow.

Size of the planter:

The size of the planter is critical as bigger the size merrier it is for the plant. Now, in the market, there is a scale practiced by the sellers to identify the size of the planter. For example, when they say 4" plant, it means a planter of 4" tall and 4" wide making it easier to understand.

Drainage system of the planter:

We all know stagnant water at the roots of the plant can never be a piece of good news for the health of the plant. So, a planter with the right drainage path should be chosen. In case the purchased planter does not have a drainage path, one can make it at home by using some lava rocks and drilling at the bottom of the planter.

Porous nature of the material:

Apart from the drainage path, the material of the pot or planter should also be taken seriously. It is better to go for a material which is porous in nature like terracotta or ceramic.

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