9 Reasons Why Your Seeds Failed To Germinate - and What You Can Do About It

If you are passionate about planting seeds and plants, you must be aware of the fact that gardening and plantation comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges and disappointments faced while planting seeds is when the seeds do not germinate properly or at all in some cases.

Seeds not germinating often make gardening enthusiasts feel dejected as their efforts and preparation while planting them go in vain. It also leads to the wastage of time and resources invested in gardening.

Also, not seeing the seeds bloom into lustrous green saplings and plants might be a tad bit disheartening for some professional as well as amateur gardeners.

But, how do we stop this situation from occurring? How do we ensure the blooming of seeds that we sow into the pots and planters? Well, the situation can be controlled, handled, and even reversed with proper awareness and knowledge about the reasons that lead to the failed germination of seeds.

An idea about these underlying reasons will keep you from making mistakes and irregularities that hinder the proper growth of the seeds as well as the saplings.

So, let us jump right in and identify the top 9 reasons ‘why your seeds did not germinate?’

09 Reason Due To Which Seed Did Not Germinate Properly

Poor Seed Quality

Poor seed quality can be considered as the first and foremost reason behind the irregular or failed germination of seeds. You need to get high-quality seeds from reliable sources or sellers to create a blooming garden. Seeds of poor quality generally fail to show the desired growth despite giving ample attention and care to them. It eventually leads to a waste of time, resources, and effort.

Incorrect Plant Depth

You need to gather adequate information about the right planting techniques and aspects like ‘Plant Depth’ before planting any particular seed. Planting the seed too deep or too shallow can also lead to failed germination. Planting the seed at the correct depth will allow the plant to get proper nutrition and favorable conditions.

Lack of Oxygen

Lack of oxygen is another major reason why seeds do not germinate properly. Therefore you need to keep the soil airy and porous after planting the seeds. You must also refrain from keeping the planters in compact spaces that lack proper air transmission or ventilation. It would be ideal for you to keep the pots in open spaces or rooms with a cross-ventilation setup.

Soil Compaction

As discussed above, pressing or setting the soil too much after sowing the seeds can damage the soil’s structure and lead to densification. It hinders the growth and germination of the seed and also hinders an adequate amount of air and oxygen from reaching the seeds. As a result, the germination of the seed gets obstructed.

Inconsistent Watering

Just as the plants and saplings need regular care and attention, so do the seeds. You need to keep watering the seeds adequately or as required, at regular intervals to witness them transform into shiny green saplings that turn into luscious plants with time. Therefore, you must remain attentive to the seed’s water requirements.

Poor Seed Variability( Genetic Variability)

Adequate seed growth and germination also depend on the genetic engineering of the seeds. Generally, mutant or hybrid seeds fail to show proper signs of germination. They also lack longevity, are more sensitive to environmental conditions, and need extra care and attention. Lack of any of these factors can interfere with the prospects of their growth and germination.

Incorrect Temperature

Along with proper air and water, seeds also need to be planted at the right temperature for successful germination. If you are planting seeds at unfavorable temperatures, it can sabotage their growth and life expectancy. To skip this, you need to be aware of the temperature or environmental requirements that the seed requires to germinate without any hindrances or abnormalities.

Pest Damage

To protect the seed and make it germinate you need to safeguard it from the pests and insects that might harm and destroy it. You can easily find organic as well as chemical pesticides that are specifically meant to be used during the seed germination process. Using these pesticides will keep the seeds protected against pests and will allow them to thrive unharmed.

Improper pH Level

Not many people are aware of this fact, but inadequate pH level is also one of the greatest reasons behind failed seed germination. You

need to maintain the right pH level in the planters for healthy seed germination. Ideally, seeds germinate properly within the pH range from 3.5 to 11, still, specialists believe that seeds germinate the best at pH 7.

The pH level of the soil can impact the amount of nutrients that the seeds and plants get during their lifecycle. Therefore, it would be advisable to maintain the required pH level of the plants.

Too Much Light

Seeds indeed require appropriate sunlight but you must also abstain from giving your seeded planters excessive sun exposure as it may hinder the process of seed germination by delaying it or by eliminating the chances of seed germination.

Not Soaking The Seeds

Hard seeds need to be soaked in water before plantation so that it becomes easier for them to germinate. Soaking the seeds not only ensures proper germination but also speeds up the germination process. So, skipping this important step can also lead to failed or inadequate germination.


Going through this blog will help you understand the reasons responsible for the failed or hindered germination of your seeds. Being mindful of these factors while planting seeds of any sort or your liking will ensure their proper germination and growth.

However, as stated, one of the most foolproof ways of securing the germination of your seeds is to invest in good-quality seeds bought from reliable sellers. You also need high-quality accessories, fertilizers, and other resources for proper growth of your plants.

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