Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planting Flower Bulbs: Expert Tips

Having a passion for plantations or gardening and having the required knowledge or information about gardening are two different things. Most of us possess great zeal and enthusiasm for planting flowering plants /Bulbs / Seeds to develop a pleasantly beautiful and vibrant flower garden for ourselves, but seldom do we have the right information or knowledge of the right techniques to plant the seeds or flower bulbs correctly. 

This information gap and lack of knowledge often lead to failed attempts and disappointment while planting flower bulbs. Unknowingly, we make several mistakes that eventually prohibit the flower bulbs from having healthy growth and bloom. To tackle this situation, we need to equip ourselves with the correct planting techniques and the required details or guidance regarding the plantation of flower bulbs. We also need to highlight and identify the mistakes that we are making during the plantation procedure.

In an attempt to fill this gap, we are sharing a list of common mistakes to avoid while sowing flower bulbs to create an exotic and blooming flower garden. We have also shared some expert tips that will help you take better care of your budding flower bulbs and ensure the healthy growth of your plants.

So, go through this comprehensive guide thoroughly to learn about the right techniques and mistakes to avoid for a healthy and colorful garden.

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Mistakes To Avoid While Planting Flower Bulbs

Let us review this extensive list of mistakes to avoid when planting flowers.

  • Choosing Bulbs That Are Too Small

Many amateur gardeners and planting enthusiasts have the misconception that smaller bulbs bloom better than bigger ones. Also, smaller bulbs are easily available at cheaper prices than the big ones. Choosing bulbs that are too small in size is more likely to result in restricted or failed growth. Bigger bulbs store more nutrients to produce a healthy plant brimming with colorful flowers. 

Tip: Choosing bigger bulbs will ensure full bloom while justifying their prices as fragrant and zesty flowers. 

  • Planting Bulbs Of Mediocre Quality

Choosing the best quality bulbs can be tricky, often leading people to pick mediocre ones. While shopping for flower bulbs, always go for the big and hard ones, as those are the best quality bulbs with promising prospects of blooming into a flowering plant. Also, avoid picking the soft bulbs that have started to mold, as these bulbs are classified as the lowest quality ones, with negligible chances of blooming.
Tip: Choosing good quality bulbs will ensure your garden's healthy growth and appearance.

  • Doing The Plantation ‘Too Early’ or ‘Too Late’

There is a right time for everything, and the same goes for planting flower bulbs. You must collect information about the right time or season for sowing specific flower bulbs. Planting the bulbs too early or too late into the season can result in a failed attempt at planting flowers, which will also waste time, energy, and resources. 

Tip: You must enquire about the correct planting time for each variety of flower bulb that you are planting.

  • Planting The Bulbs Too Deep or Too Shallow Into The Soil

Planting the bulb too deep or too shallow into the soil could also be one reason your plants are not showing proper growth. Pushing the bulbs too deep into the soil can delay their growth by restricting them from getting the right amount of sunlight, air, and moisture they need to grow. Planting them on the soil's surface can cause them to lack the necessary nutrients and prevent them from developing healthy roots.

Tip: Flower bulbs must be planted at the right depth to balance sun exposure and soil penetration. For this, you can follow the thumb rule, by piercing the soil with your thumb and planting the bulb into the space created. It will help you plant the bulbs at the right depth.

  • Not Giving Adequate Sun Exposure To The Bulbs

Another reason your flower bulbs are not blooming could be the lack of sunlight. Budding plants need the right sunlight to develop into luscious flowering plants. Keeping them in the shade all day can hinder their nutrition or growth.

Tip: Make it a point to keep the planters at places that receive a fair amount of sunlight. 

  • Planting Bulbs In Low-quality Soil

Not caring for soil quality while sowing the flower bulbs can lead to failed blooming. Soil is one of the most vital factors while planting a flower. Going for low-quality soil or not replenishing the soil with compost and other organic materials meant to enhance the soil quality could be responsible for having under-grown plants with scanty or brittle flowers.
Tip: Prepare the soil well and nourish it with the required compost and organic fertilizers before planting flower bulbs.

  • Positioning The Flower Bulbs Incorrectly Into The Soil

Many gardeners or amateur planters plant the bulbs in incorrect positions or upside down due to their ignorance or lack of knowledge. It is one of the many prominent reasons why flower bulbs suffer restricted or total lack of growth. To help the bulbs grow into swaying plants laden with beautiful flowers, it is important to plant them correctly in the right position.

Tip: Research or consult a professional gardener to learn the positions and techniques for sowing the bulbs correctly into the soil.

  • Over-watering The Bulbs

Excess of anything is bad, be it for people or plants. Plants and flower buds do require water for ideal growth, but showering them with excessive water or watering them too frequently can cause the bulbs to decay, leading to total loss and wastage.
Tip: Read or enquire about the adequate water requirements of the varieties of flower bulbs that you are sowing.


Adopting the right plantation techniques, especially while planting flower bulbs and steering clear of faulty practices, will eventually reward you with a luscious and fragrant flower garden that you will be proud of. Along with taking good care of the budding bulbs, choosing high-quality seeds, bulbs, and other materials for creating the garden of your dreams is essential. 

So, scroll through our website at MyBageecha to find the best quality flower bulbs, compost, pots, planters, and all the other gardening resources. Good-quality compost, bulbs, and gardening accessories will enhance your gardening experience while adding extra vibrancy to your floral eden. 

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