How To Care For Hanging Plants: Essential Tips

Having hanging plants is a great way to impart nature-inspired aesthetics to the house while maintaining a relaxing and serene ambiance. These plants do not take up too much space and are great for decorating small areas while making them look cozy, colorful, and welcoming. Moreover, hanging plants offer convenient portability and can be shifted to any location as per need and preference. All in all, hanging plants is one of the best ways to feel closer to nature, even in contemporary and compact set-ups.

However, it is important to offer proper care and attention to the well-being of your hanging plants to keep them blooming and thriving. Ignoring their basic necessities and overlooking their maintenance requirements can lead to their drying, yellowing, or even dying. So, here we are sharing some essential tips and suggestions on ‘How to care for hanging plants?’

Going through these aspects and practicing these tips will contribute to the optimum health and condition of your hanging plants while maintaining a vibrant environment in your house.

Ways To Take Adequate Care Of Your Hanging Plants

Let us go through these tips and ensure that we take appropriate care of hanging plants.

Choose the right potting mix that aligns with the plant species

Every plant has its own unique requirements when it comes to soil and potting mixes. You should be aware of the species that you are planting in your hanging pots and containers, while also being mindful of their specific potting mix requirements.

Using the right potting mixes will help the plant remain at its ideal with adequate growth, on the other hand, using unsuitable potting mixes can lead the plant towards degradation and deterioration.

It is always preferable to identify and buy the right potting mix for your plant species from a reliable source.

Do not overcrowd the hanging basket or pot

Try not to plant too many seeds in a single container, always give your plants enough space to grow and thrive. Overcrowding the pots can lead to the plants having obstructed growth or even no growth at all.

Moreover, it will also make your hanging pots look overcrowded and messy, ultimately making your hanging garden look aesthetically imbalanced.

To avoid this situation, you can buy hanging pots, containers, and accessories from a trustworthy seller to help your plants have enough room to grow.

Take care of the plant's watering needs

Along with sunlight and soil, water is also necessary for the growth of plants. Moreover, people find it a bit difficult to water their hanging plants at regular intervals, which ultimately leads to the yellowing of plants due to the ignorance shown towards their watering needs.

To avoid such circumstances, you can use the pulley system to lower your hanging pots for watering, or you can also use step ladders or long-necked watering cans to water your plants regularly without putting in much effort.

However, you also need to be aware of your plant's watering requirements to be able to meet their specific needs.

Keep adding suitable fertilizers at regular intervals

It must have become apparent by now that hanging plants take as much care as regular plants do. Therefore, another thing that you need to take care of is using the right kind and amount of fertilizer to retain the fertility of the soil or potting mix used in the hanging pots.

Good-quality fertilizers will offer all the nutrients needed by your plant. For this, you can also order and get the best-quality fertilizers delivered right to your doorstep.

Keep pruning and deadheading at regular intervals

Pruning and deadheading are unnegotiable when it comes to maintaining the presentability of your plants as well as your house. Deadheading removes the dead parts of the hanging plant while helping it bloom better, while trimming keeps the plants growing out of the pots and maintaining their appearance.

You also have to remove the weeds or unwanted grass that might have grown along with the plants. It will help the plant remain healthy and luscious.

Try to keep the plants at the right temperature and environmental conditions

Surroundings and environment play a crucial role in the growth of a plant. Some plants grow well in the sun, some bloom in the shade, and some plants are meant to be planted in the summer, while others are specifically planted in the winter.

You need to be mindful of this difference and provide an adequate temperature or environment for your hanging plants. You can move your summer plants indoors to offer them a warm environment or temperature during the winter, and vice-versa.

Use appropriate pots, ropes, and accessories to hang the plants

The most overlooked aspect of installing hanging plants is the use of adequate resources and accessories. It would be ideal for you to choose the right hanging apparatus, like ropes and pots, while planting the hanging plants. Using fragile ropes or supports for heavy plants can lead to their sudden fall and damage. Similarly, you would need sturdy containers or pots, which you can easily source from reliable sellers, for hanging such plants.


All in all, hanging plants can add a distinct charm to your living space, terrace, kitchen, or any corner of the house if taken care of in the right manner. With a tailored care routine, such as light exposure, watering, soil quality, and pruning, you can offer a healthy and flourishing environment to the hanging plants. Apart from the factors mentioned above, it is crucial to inspect for pests and diseases to safeguard the vitality of your plants. In addition, it is important to remember that every plant is different and has its own requirements under which these plants flourish, so offering customized care is a mandatory aspect of their survival.

However, if you are tempted to build a hanging garden of your own and need the right plants, pots, and other accessories, visit myBageecha and get everything that is needed to set up and take care of a hanging plant or garden, if you must.

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