Reasons why your plant is not thriving or flowering in a healthy manner!

It is obvious that after taking good care of the plant for a considerable time, it will bear fruits and flowers, that would make your garden look beautiful. However, there are certain conditions which are quite contrary to this. That means there can be times when the plants are supplied with all the suitable conditions and yet there is no fruitful result. In fact, it starts to get unhealthy at the same time which can be quite disappointing. It is not always the insects or pesticides that take the blame of ruining your plants. The information given further will explain some of the other causes in this case.

  1. Choosing the correct plant
    It is obvious that different species of plants require different conditions to thrive. One must always choose to grow a certain plant that has chances to grow healthily in the provided conditions. One should go for a healthy specimen and protect them. The cause of the problem must be realized to uproot it. 
  2. Quality of soil
    The soil is one of the most integral factors behind the growth of a plant. The general rule implies that all the plants require moist loam soil along with proper aeration to the roots. The type of plant and its requirements must be realized in order to judge the soil type. Simple garden soil must also be provided with dried moss, coco peat and so on. 
  3. Providing Fertilizer
    For keeping the plants healthy, a well-drained type of garden soil is recommended. However, for growth, it obviously requires something extra such as essential nutrients from the soil. Potted plants usually tend to starve and get sick over time due to the absence of nutrients. General purpose organic fertilizers can be used to remedy this. 
  4. Excessive water
    It is true that the lack of sufficient water can kill a plant. However, if the plant is supplied with excessive water, it will perish naturally. The right amount is necessary. 
  5. Light
    An adequate amount of sunlight, a day is helpful for healthy growth in plants. It helps to process food. Less light will curb down food processing, thus leading to damage. Also, hot afternoon sun may not be suitable for most plants, so it is important to check the sunlight requirements of the certain plant to make sure of the sufficient supply.
  6. Temperature
    It is advised to keep plants at a sustainable temperature for proper blooming. Just as high temperature destroys the blooming cycle, low temperature hampers the flowering as well. 
  7. Prevention from bugs
    In case all the right conditions are provided, then one must check for insect attacks and bugs. If the affected parts are removed successfully by applying organic fertilizer and providing plant immunity, it can thrive once again. It is always safe to enhance the natural ability of the plant to fight against odds


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