Boston Fern - Air Purifier


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Nephrolepsis Exaltata Bostoniensis




Tropical region


Nephrolepis exaltata, is an evergreen fern,commonly called sword fern or Boston fern.ŒæTheŒæfrondsŒæofŒæNephrolepis exaltataŒæare 50äóñ250Œæcm long and 6äóñ15Œæcm broad, with alternateŒæpinnaeŒæ(the small "leaflets" on either side of the midrib), each pinna being 2äóñ8Œæcm long. The pinnae are generally deltoid, as seen in the adjacent picture. The pinnate vein pattern is also visible on these highly compound leaves. The edges appear slightly serrate.


Nephrolepis exaltata Bostoniensis grow best in medium to low indirect bright light.ŒæTolerant of some shade. Soils should be kept consistently moist, with only a slight reduction in watering from fall to late winter. Prefers high humidity and may appreciate being set on a tray of wet pebbles. Weak fertilizer applications may be made monthly from spring to early fall. Will shed fronds if soils dry out, at which point all fronds may be cut back to about 2äó� to regenerate. Frond tips may brown up in winter conditions where humidity is low.

Landscape Use

As an indoor fern, it is perhaps best for pedestals or hanging baskets. Locations in or near bathrooms or kitchens may have better humidity..

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