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If you are looking to try something new this year, or if you have a limited space for traditional gardens, vertical gardening is a great option. Water-saving, space-saving, air-purifying and just simply elegant, vertical gardens breathe life and beauty in your living space. Be it outdoors or indoors, vertical gardens are now an architectural trend which most of the urban homes are adapting to. The aesthetic appeal is matched by more practical benefits. As well as helping to counter pollution, they help insulate interiors from heat and cold and require less water than traditional gardens.

Vertical Garden Solutions are endless and are limited only by your imagination. With a lot of people now getting conscious about the lack of greenery, vertical gardens come as the perfect solution for people to merge living room decor with greenery. There are many different systems available. Create a vertical green wall using felt pouches, modular trays, or hanging planters, to name a few. Easy to maintain drip systems can be added for your convenience and easy care. 

At, we help you in creating a lush, diverse and strikingly beautiful vertical garden or green wall that remains healthy and thriving. With a range of products and techniques at our disposal, we not only build the entire system for you, but also help you design your wall from scratch. We help you in picking the right variety of succulents or herbs for your geographical location along with the planters.  We then co-design your wall with you, helping you make your wall as beautiful and as aesthetically pleasing as we can. We thus provide you an entire solution and then come to your doorsteps to install it for you!

Lack of space is no longer a hindrance for you to maintain a beautiful garden.

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