Acalypha Wilkesiana 'Mosaica'


Type: Plants

Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

Copper Plant




Java and New Guinea


Copper Plant is an evergreen shrub and is grown for its multi-colored, toothed, oval leaves. Flowers are small, green or pinkish. Acalypha copper plant has a heart or oval shape, making it visually striking.


The best place to grow the plant is in full sun, although it can survive in half sun or partially shaded areas. Direct sunlight, however, makes the leaves more brightly colored. Acalypha copper plant likes a fertile, fast-draining soil type with a soil pH of around 9.1. 
Ensure the pot is twice the size of the plant’s root ball. Consistent watering and misting of the indoor plants creates a humid environment for them to grow and bloom, and helps establish a good root system.

Landscape Use

Ideal for container plant

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