Agave Franzosinii Majestic Agave Plant


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Agave franzosinii is a very large plant somewhat similar to Agave americana in size. There is a lot of variability amongst plants. Leaves are very vibrant blue-gray lined with small teeth and ending in a terminal spine.

Agave america varfranzosinii






Agave franzosinii also known as Agave beauleriana is a very large, attractive agave with a generally solitary rosette, can grow to 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide. It has powdery bluish-gray large leaves that undulate and bend gracefully. There are teeth along the leaf margins and a sharp terminal spine. 

Agave franzosinii is monocarpic and blooms after 15 to 20 years of growth. Like most agaves the flower stalks resembles a giant asparagus spear. As this grows it branches with panicles of yellow or greenish-yellow flowers at the ends of each branch. The stalks can reach 40 feet tall and are a focal point in the garden while they bloom.


Agaves need full sun and gritty soil that percolates easily. They can even do quite well when potted but use an unglazed clay pot that will allow evaporation of excess moisture.

Water needs are moderate to light depending upon the heat of the season but the Cactus should be allowed to dry out before irrigation

In growing season they benefit from the application of a granulated time release fertilizer that will provide nutrient to the plant.

Landscape Uses

It is also a popular landscape plant in beach gardens

Agave plants are easy to care, drought tolerant and perennial. They are hardy plants which require full sunlight and gritty soil. Agaves make for one of the best outdoor plants as they are very low on maintenance and can survive the punishing heat in India.

Watering needs to be done sparingly but thoroughly. Water agaves once the soil goes completely dry. Have a drainage hole so as to let the excess water drain out. Over watering can cause root rot in agave so be careful while watering them. Addition of pebbles and rocks increase the drainage capability in a container.

Agave plants need fertilising only in summers when the plant is actively growing. It is best to leave the plant alone in winters. Do not try to repot it during the winters as it does not like getting disturbed.

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