Agave Potatorum Snowfall Cactus Plant


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Non Fragrant


Once a Week

Water Requirement

Outdoor Sun

Sunlight Requirement



Low Maintenance,Outdoor


Variegated Butterfly Agave




Mexico (North America)


A small sized plant, this has characteristically thick, fleshy blue grey leaves with a cream-yellow coloured margin & ruffled sharp edges. Undulating leaf margin is armed with triangular, greenish yellow to dark red spines.The shape of the leaves resembles a butterfly wing due to which it is also called a butterfly plant.


Plant in full sun to light shade. Requires little irrigation. Drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping . Suited for light shade to full sun. It grows well from suckers or seed and forms attractive specimens.

Landscape Uses

A wickedly attractive Agave that is great in small pots or nestled into a rock crevice..

Agave plants are easy to care, drought tolerant and perennial. They are hardy plants which require full sunlight and gritty soil. Agaves make for one of the best outdoor plants as they are very low on maintenance and can survive the punishing heat in India.

Watering needs to be done sparingly but thoroughly. Water agaves once the soil goes completely dry. Have a drainage hole so as to let the excess water drain out. Over watering can cause root rot in agave so be careful while watering them. Addition of pebbles and rocks increase the drainage capability in a container.

Agave plants need fertilising only in summers when the plant is actively growing. It is best to leave the plant alone in winters. Do not try to repot it during the winters as it does not like getting disturbed.

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