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Product Description

A beautiful form of the Queen Victoria Agave (Agave victoriae-reginae). As with the species this plant is a very slow-growing small clump forming plant that can get to 1 foot tall by 1 1/2 feet wide with tight-fitting, tapered leaves that end in a small terminal spine with the leaf margins smooth and spineless.

Agave victoriae-reginae 'aurea marginata'






Agave victoriae-reginae 'Golden Princess' is a very slow growing but tough and nice variegated form of the Queen Victoria Agave.It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and desirable species. Variegation is yellow striping along the margins of each leaf. Rosettes are dense, globose, regular, slow growing, eventually growing up to 30 cm tall diameter and 30-40 cm across. Leaf are tight-fitting, thick, rigid, trigonous, 15-20 cm long and up to 3 cm broad, tapered ending in a small terminal spine with the leaf margins smooth and spineless. This cultivar has broad yellow margins which, in addition to the already brilliant silver markings on the margins and center of the leaf, give this plant a tricoloured look.


Queen Victoria agave needs plenty of full sun or light shade. However, protect it from harsh punishing afternoon sun. When kept indoors, place the plant in your sunniest window. This hardy agave can tolerate very cold temperatures down to 10 or 15° F.Full morning sun.

Queen Victoria agave appreciates plenty of water during the summer growing season. Provide water as soon as the soil goes dry, which can be multiple times a week in very dry climates. During wintertime this species goes dormant, which means waterings should be reduced drastically to prevent rot. 

Landscape Use

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden  & Xeriscaping

Most succulents need to be watered twice a week during summers and only once in monsoon & winters. Varieties like Haworthias, Crassulas and Gasterias are well suited for low-light indoors and window-sills. If the leaves get too bulky, it is a sign of overwatering & if the leaves look shrivelled it is a sign of less watering.

As a general rule of thumb, all the ones with colourful leaves like Echeverias, Sedeveria and Graptopetalum like bright sunlight and semi shade in extreme summers. They cannot be kept indoors or in full shade. All succulents love morning sun.

You can fertilise your succulent once a month.

Watering tips : Make sure NOT to water on the plant itself. Water directly in the soil. You can use a cup or a glass to make sure the water does not spray on leaves. When watering, make sure water comes out of the drainage hole.

You can check our video on how to water succulents on :

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