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Albuca spiralis features green leaves in addition to its corkscrew structure. The twisting of the leaf, which characterizes the succulent and gives it its distinct appearance.

Corkscrew albuca




South Africa


Albuca Spiralis or also known as Frizzle Sizzle, features thick, tightly curled leaves on short stems that arise from an underground bulb succulent that can grow up to 8-inches tall. This plant is known for its long and narrow but attractive, dark green corkscrew leaves. Each leaf has glandular hairs, making it feel a bit sticky when touched. And from late Winter to Spring, 10 to 20 large, yellow-green flowers with a strong vanilla fragrance can emerge on each spike.


Corkscrew Albuca prefers the full sunlight but also grows well in partial sun or a grow light. This plant is not frost-hardy, and cold temperatures might damage its bulb.Dry and cold conditions encourage tightly curled leaves, but the tips of the leaves stay straight and erect during warm conditions.

The frizzle sizzle plant prefers well-drained soil. Always use the plant in a pot with drainage holes. A mixture of sand and loam helps with the growth of this plant. Alkaline, acidic, and neutral soil pH levels are fine. Plant the bulb in a 3-4" pot with at least one hole for drainage with half of the bulb exposed above the soil and the sprout pointing up. 

When planting, this plant requires consistent watering, but switch to light watering once it is established. Excess moisture will lead to bulb rot.

Using an all-purpose fertilizer, the bulbs must be fertilized annually during the early spring season. It will require regular feed during its growing season.

 Albuca Spiralis bulb needs a cooling period to grow healthy foliage and then the flowers. 

Landscape Use

Perfect for tabletops, in hanging planters or as part of the landscape as trees in a miniature garden or for fairies to lounge under in their garden!

Properly preparing the soil for bulb planting is essential! Good soil drainage is essential for planting bulbs. If your soil has a lot of clay content, consider adding a bit of coco peat. Consider your sunlight requirements based not he type of bulb you have chosen to go with. Some plants might be happy in a semi shade environment under a tree whereas someone might require full sunlight.

Typically, it’s best to plant your Albuca Spiralis bulbs at the beginning of the fall. Then, by the end of the fall, it’s best to fertilize the plant to promote healthy growth throughout the winter. A secondary session of fertilization should be done during the beginning of spring when the flower is at its peak.

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