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Easter Basket Blend is a variety of Sweet Alyssum. This variety is an Flower that typically grows as an Annual.

Alyssum Easter Basket Mix

Easter Basket Blend is a variety of Sweet Alyssum. This variety is an Flower that typically grows as an Annual. Due to how easy it is to grow in a variety of conditions, Easter Basket Blend Sweet Alyssum is great for beginner gardeners and those that like low maintenance gardens. The sweet smelling flower of Alyssum attracts Butterflies.


Plant Alyssum in light fertile soil that is well drained. It likes full sun. In beds space plants 8" to 12" apart. After initial flowering lightly cut back plants for a second showing. Alyssum grow well in containers.


Plant them around the edge of the container for a cascading effect. Great in hanging baskets! 

Make sure your seedling tray or pot (whichever you choose) has a drainage hole in it. If you choose a pot, a 5€ pot should be fine. You can either use well drained soil or make a combination of 1 part each of cocopeat, vermiculite and perlite.

While sowing seeds make sure the soil is damp and not wet. Water the seeds as the soil starts to dry. It should always be moist, but never wet or muddy. Do not water the seeds if the soil is already moist to the touch, as overwatering your plant can be just as harmful as underwatering.

Keep the seedling tray in bright filtered light to begin with. Slowly introduce the plant to morning sun and bring it back in before the afternoon sun sets in. In a weeks time you can put it in direct sunlight.

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