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Anthurium Black Love is a compact plant that makes a wonderful addition to any indoor light garden. A humidity loving plant that produces bright black flowers all year round.

Love Black Anthurium


Anthurium plant has tube-shaped flower that sits on the end of a long stalk. For this reason, the plant is often called the flamingo flower for its resemblance to the bird. The spathe and flower spike (spadix) can be red, white, cream, maroon , black or purple or a combination of these.

Anthurium Love Black is a rare black-flowered compact anthurium hybrid. The unusual black-to-dark-chocolate flowers with orange spathe are very long lasting and hold on the plant for a couple of months.

Origin: Holland

Family: Araceae

Height: 15 -20

Light: Place Anthuriums in a location where they get filtered light, such as a bright window. North or West facing windows are best as these do not allow direct sunlight all day. In too little light, the plants won t bloom properly. Plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Direct sunshine can harm its leaves and flowers

Water: Key when it comes to watering anthuriums is to water them regularly, while at the same time allowing their roots to receive air. Keep evenly moist. Be sure to use a container with a drainage hole and never allow the root system to remain soaked in water. When their roots are left in water, this prevents oxygen from reaching their roots and when this happens anaerobic microbes and fungal growth will occur and cause root rot. Left unchecked root rot will kill your plants.

Humidity: Humidity between 80 and 100% is ideal. But a little lower is fine as long as you water your plant regularly. These plants are ideally suited for bathroom. as it can get proper humidity when someone takes a hot shower. Mist the leaves several times a week with a spray bottle. Mist your plant more frequently in the summer growing season- the more water you can supply the blooms, the healthier it will be.

Temperature: Growth may cease completely below 70 F, but will resume when warmer weather returns. In winter, anthurium plants need a 6 week rest period at a with little water. This allows the plant to flower profusely again in the following season.

Soil: Any good potting mix that drains well. The ideal potting soil is light, fluffy and has to drain well. Everything from Sand, Perlite, Cocopeat,Clay Aggregate, Vermiculite and gravel can be used to help meet this requirement and shall provide the kind of soil anthuriums prefer.

Fertilizer: Use a fertilizer with a ratio of 5-10-5. Higher phosphorus number is ideal for ensuring a good balance between foliage and flowers

Eliminates: Their large, dark leaves suck up ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene

Caution: Anthurium andraeanum is poisonous to both humans and animals. Care must be taken with small children and pets. If they ingest any part of this plant, they will immediately start to have difficulty swallowing, horseness and blistering in their mouth and throat.


Anthuriums are the longest blooming plants and are also one of the easiest to maintain houseplants. It€™s best to keep your Anthurium in a bright spot, but avoid placing it in direct sunlight as the leaves can get sun burnt. However keeping it in very low light will affect its bloom and the plant will grow slower.

Anthurium requires a well drained soil mix. It does best when the soil has a chance to dry out in between waterings. Make sure the soil remains a little moist and not completely dry. You can achieve this by watering a little twice or thrice a week. Anthuriums are susceptible to root rot.

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