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Boxwood is a very hardy plant and grows rapidly as well. These great characteristics make it a good tree to use as bonsai.

Buxus sempervirens




South East Asia


Bood has more than 70 species and the common boxwood is the most popular. This is highly used as an ornamental plant and is grown and shaped into a variety of designs. The root system is shallow, and the bark is thin.


Age : 2.5 - 3 Years

Size (Approx) : L X W X H : 5" x 4" x 7"

Note : The plant might differ a little than the picture as each Bonsai is created differently.


Boxwoods regularly need thinning of the foliage mass to allow light into the inner branches to stop them becoming bare and to prompt backbudding. Regular pruning helps to increase ramification and reduce leafsize as well. However, it is also important to allow some free growth to ensure the overall vigour of the bonsai is maintained. Free, unrestricted extension of the first flush of growth can be allowed in Spring (around April/May depending on your climate) to strengthen the tree, followed by strict pinching and pruning for the rest of the year to refine the foliage.


Bonsais are beautiful to look at and are considered auspicious too. The popular myth for Bonsai is that they can be kept indoors, however the reality is far from it! Bonsais are essentially trees which have been moulded into micro bodies!

Bonsai needs sufficient bright light. Keep it near a bright window or in semi shade. In balconies keep it on the eastern side where the sun is not very harsh on them. Keep the soil for bonsai moist. Don't over water it or keep the soil very wet or it will shed the leaves and eventually cause a root rot.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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