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Carrots is one of those vegetables that is most consumed and always the pricey one in the market. That makes it a very good candidate for a kitchen garden


How to Grow in Pots

Carrot is a root vegetable with roots growing up to a feet. Selecting a proper container is essential for a good yield. Most containers are too shallow to grow tap-rooted vegetables like carrots, and containers dry out too quickly. Carrot can grow in a 12" -18” (30-45 cm) deep planter box or pot. Deeper pots or planters work even better. 


Carrot needs light or sandy loam soil . For container carrots, make your own potting soil  by mixing perlite or vermiculite in soil for good aeration & root growth. If your soil contains too much clay, your carrots will be short and deformed, and difficult to pull from the ground at harvest time!. Make sure the water drains properly . You may use Clay Aggregates for such purpose.. 

Add a small amount of organic fertilizer every 2 weeks to supply nitrogen for top growth. Using Vermicompost is an excellent addition to potting soils for carrots in containers.


2-'3" apart in all direction

Sowing Time


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