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Product Description

This handmade terracotta pot is plain and simple, a perfect combination for letting the plant steal the show!

Description : 
Bring in these simple handmade terracotta pots to add beauty to your garden or balcony! They are the perfect partner for your beautiful plants letting them steal the show! Use these pots to either pot plants directly or use it as a planter! These come in a set of 3.
Specifications :
  • Size : Dia : 4.5" x Height : 4.3"
  • Medium : Terracotta Clay
  • Colour : Olive
P.S - As these pots are handmade, there can be a slight change in the dimensions. Plants are for representative purposes only.

There isn't anything like terracotta pots! Terracotta keep your plants cool, last really long and have the minimum of fuss.
Terracotta is generally a bit heavy compared to the other materials. However due to their sturdy nature, they are perfect for balconies and outdoor gardens. No particular care is required except cleaning them with water or a wet cloth once a month.

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