Double Pocket Multi-Purpose Horizontal Gardening Kits


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Green Combo Gift Pack

Double Pocket Multi-Purpose Horizontal Gardening Kits

Vertical gardening is rapidly becoming a popular way to grow greens and using these kits make it easier than ever! The Double Pocket Multi-purpose Horizontal Gardening kits are a great solution for: Those living in apartments or working in offices without any touch of nature around them. Those who like to keep herbs and greens close to them to grab while cooking & eating. Those looking for new ways to de-clutter their workstations, kitchens & other personal spaces. These kits are also the perfect unique, thoughtful and eco-friendly gift option for all occasions - both personal and corporate gifting. The pockets can easily be used as a stylish and natural storage alternative for things such as coupons, bills, pens, markers, baby/kids items, kitchen organization, and so much more. All it takes is a little imagination. Look around & get creative with your vertical gardening options. And, hang them from literally any vacant space where you never imagined having a garden before!


The Kit contains :

  • 1 double pocket multi-purpose printed horizontal Jute hanger
  • 2 coir pots 
  • 2 seed packs of your choice
  • Coconut based soil alternate to fill the pots
  • 1 aluminum water sprayer 
  • 1 harvesting trimmer 
  • S-hooks to hang 
- All inside a fully customizable outer box The beauty of our kits is that they can be setup anywhere with the different kinds of hooks that come inside and can hold whatever you like, apart from just plants, acting as a creative organizer too.


- These kits are also the perfect unique, thoughtful and eco-friendly gift option for all occasions both personal and corporate gifting.

      Step 1: In a container, add 1 litre water to the oganic soil cake. The cake will soften and turn into soil, pour out excess water

      Step 2: Fill the jute pot with soil and plant the Diya in 1cm from the top

      Step 3 - make sure to keep it in a sunny spot and water regularly for the embedded seeds to grow

      Step 4: In 7 - 10 days, watch your Diya grow into a beautiful plant.

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