Crassula Exilis Ssp. Schmidtii


Type: Plants

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Fairy Tongue




Eastern Cape, South Africa


Does well in filtered sun, but can handle some shade, too. In shade the leaves colour will remain more green, while in harsh full sun conditions the foliage can develop a pinkish tinge. In summer keep cool and provide some shelter from direct sun during the hottest hours. It can be sunburned if moved from shade/greenhouse into full sun too quickly. It tends to get leggy in deep shade. It is a very dry-tolerant plant. Water regularly in the growing season, but avoid water-logging and let dry between waterings


Crassula exilis ssp. schmidtii (Crassula schmidtii) is carpeting, perennial succulent up to 20 cm or more across, made up of low branching stems with dense rosettes of leaves. The centres of the rosettes are going to elongate into erect inflorescences to 30 cm tall bearing small carmine-red flowers, and a white-flowering form was distributed as fa. Alba. It is an attractive, dwarf succulent which flowers easily. It is widely cultivated for its small red flowers. Sometime used as a ground-cover in warm areas.vIt blooms very freely, and when it is grown in full sun, and not given too much water, its leaves develop an attractive reddish tinge. Leaves are fleshy, linear-triangular, pointed, opposite and connected with each other at the base, each 2–4 cm long, dark green or grey-green, pitted and marked with dark dots above, lower surfaces rounded and red-flushed and with marginal hairs. 

Landscape Use

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping

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